SBT Rosetted Bengal kittens F4 & beyond:  $850-$2000 ($350-1/2 holding fee)
Early Generation Rosetted Kittens F2-F4: $1,850-$3,500  ($500-1/2 holding fee)
These prices represents companion Bengals & are simply a standard adoption guideline.

Occasionally there will be Bengals priced above pricing range such as "Top Quality" Bengals,
or below range such as "Teenage,Young Adult or Marble Kittens which ranges from $550-$1200.
All Bengals 'offered for adoption below $850 incurs an additional responsibility fee! ($100)
This covers their surgery & micro-chipping (registration paid) unless other wise stated in the listing.
Adult retirees'& special adoptions varies from $350-$850 which includes all re-homing fees.

          All cats and kittens will leave our cattery spayed and neutered...
It's reassuring when our potential clients has developed a trustworthy relationship with their
personal veterinarian & we highly encourage all clients to do so. After working with our trusted
veterinarian for several years, we've encountered little if any negative effects from early alters.     

So please understand... There will be NO EXCEPTIONS!

We occasionally will consider the placement of Breeder Kittens into a TICA "Approved
& Well Established" registered cattery and/or after speaking with your cattery's mentor ONLY!
If you visit our site often...Please remember to refresh your browser by deleting  your Internet cookies for the most up to date information :)
AVAILABLE ~ This kitten is looking for their forever home

PENDING ~ There has been a verbal agreement and a holding fee is promised
                         (Feel free to inquire as sometimes things doesn't work out)

PROMISED ~ This kitten has been spoken for and found their forever home!

UNDER EVALUATION ~ We are evaluating the kittens potential as a breeder
                                                             (inquiries are still welcome)

KEEPER ~ We have decided to add this beautiful kitten into our program
*Just a friendly reminder...We're unable to hold kittens for clients without a holding fee being accepted.*
 This is nothing personal but in the best interests of our kittens finding loving homes.
If you have not spoken with someone by phone from Asian Grace Bengals you will not be asked to place a holding fee!
Please visit our link "Avoiding Typical Pet Scams" to educate & protect potential pet buyers!
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will be regarded as such. Asian Grace Bengals reserves the right of refusal to any party during the adoption process, on occurrence holding fee's shall be returned.
         Thank you for taking a quick peek at our babies here at Asian Grace Bengals!  
If you have found a kitten from us that you are interested in please review our
"Kitten Information Page"
    This helps us in knowing which of our kittens would fit in with your family the best.

Consider taking a couple minutes to answer our
"Kitten Inquiry Questioner" and paste into an email by clicking
the following link:
"Mail Asian Grace Bengals"or feel free to use our contact page.

Congratulations on deciding to bring a Bengal Baby into your home! We wish you the best of luck with your
search for your perfect Bengal, as we certainly believe every family should own at least one!
PLEASE use caution and remember:
You must speak directly to us before you'll be asked to place a deposit or visit any of our any kittens!
No text messages & no email conversations!!! Last but not least...   WE DO SPEAK FLUENT ENGLISH :)
Bengal Kittens
Adoption Fee Guideline
"Getting familiar with Terms we use for our Bengal"
All active military,veterans & police officers will be eligible for 10% off any adoption!
Thank you so very much for your dedication to our country....GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU & your families :)
Early Generation Bengals
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Bengal Kittens
Page is under construction, current pictures of our kittens will be posted soon
We welcome scheduled visits when our kittens have had their 1st vaccination and socially mature for play visits.
                             Please be prepared to show photo id upon arrival :)
March 12, 2019