"Our Early Generation Queens"
Avalon Enchantress of Asian Grace
F1 Brown Rosetted Bengal
We love High Hope's rounded ears & her whited tummy!
Her grace & agility always brings a smile to our face :)

We are super excited to see what Hope brings into our program!
Thank you so much Avalon Bengals for breeding such a beautiful girl!
HCM Negative May 4, 2012
Words can not express how we feel about Emmy!
Her small rounded ear, her whited tummy & her tail is super thick!
Emmy is an outstanding example of an F1 & We absolutely can't
wait to see the F2 babies she'll produce at Asian Grace Bengals!!!

Thank you so much Stacy @ Texas Star Bengals for sharing  &
trusting us to take care of this fine lil' lady ith us! Avalon Bengals
for breeding such a beautiful girl!
TexasStar Elegant Embrace of Asian Grace
F1 Silver Rosetted Bengal
Asian Grace Luv Charm Allure
F2 Brown Rosetted Bengal
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Kat-A-Leah is beyond amazing! She is our 1st keeper girl
from High Hopes. Her coat is extremely soft & she has
the perfect ear spacing & inherited the ALC solid body
type that we want to work with! Kat-A-Leah was hand
reared so she is still very much a "mama's girl" & has
learned to chirp if you walk away from her when she's
asking permission to leap in your arms...LOL She is still
as entertaining as she was a small kitten!
Gidget is named after the ornery & famous Actress Gidget
from the popular TV sitcom & of course the movie Xtra Big
Ideas. Gidget's is our the daughter of our Grand Champion
Frigit & our 2nd keeper girl from High Hopes! We were over
joyed that Hope produced a F2 snow & look forward to this
lil snow bunny! Her eyes are as blue as blue can be & we
love how nice & open her rosettes are! She's our lil
porcelain doll & is an outstanding devoted mother :)

Please be patient, Gidget's page will be coming soon!
Asian Grace Xtra Big Ideas
F2 Seal Lynx Point Rosetted Bengal
Asian Grace Silver-lined Cloud
F2 Silver Rosetted Bengal
We finally have a keeper girl from Emmy!
The sky is the limit with this lil lady; she has it all!

    Skylea's page will be coming soon!