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Our "waiting list" is contacted in the order of the date inquiry was received after pet
holders have been given the opportunity to chose or pass from available kittens.

A non-refundable holding fee is required to hold an available kitten of your choice.  As
we may have several inquiries for the same kitten, we ask that you let us know
immediately if you are interested so the kitten will not be promised to someone else.  
The non-refundable holding fee is required to hold the specific companion kitten of
your choice or secure your place on our "waiting list" for future litters.

When kittens are born, photos will be displayed on our website but will be listed as
"PENDING" until all kitten holders have been given the opportunity to select their
kitten of choice.  Holding fee's are transferable until kittens are 5 weeks of age to other
litters or "available" litter mates,but non-refundable as this shows your serious intent
and holds this kitten just for you. Please see our "Holding Agreement Contract" for
further information.

All information obtained within this questionnaire will be kept completely confidential
and serves a purpose only to help us find the perfect Bengal for your family.

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