Young and Retired Bengals Available
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Here you will find our young, retired breeders as well as other Bengals that are looking for new homes.  
In the description it should list the current adoption fee, health history, behaviors, temperament, if the
Bengal is being sold under a contract or any information we have or are given by the previous owners.
All Bengals being offered under a "limited" contract will receive a $100 "playmate" reduction per adoption.
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Buddy boy was born on Mother's Day 2017 Buddy is the most laid back
Bengal I've encountered in a while. He is so easy going, has no issues
with sunbathing or hanging out with you while you're watching TV. He
does still enjoy his playtime as most Bengals do. He prefers a feather
wand toy with his daily exercise. Buddy gets along with other Bengals
(even the ones that plays semi rough;he just ignores) and doesn't seem
to mind sharing his home with large or small dogs and frequently plays
gently with our rabbit. Buddy suffered a foot injury when he was a
kitten and we held him back while he healed and of course fell in love
with him and his gentle nature. We will be offering Buddy for adoption
on a limited contract and we prefer Buddy to be adopted to a family
with children (grandchildren) of any age. Buddy has been neutered and
current on vaccinations.
"Buddy Boy"
Toby is quite the ham of all hams here! We absolutely adore this guy
for the ornery Bengal he can be. It is a fairly normal occurrence to
wake up with at least a couple of Toby's favorite toys he has shared
with us while we were sleeping. He loves his daily leaping until he wears
himself out with a feather toy, chasing a laser light but right now he is
the only Bengal we have fetching and oh how he LOVES TO FETCH!
Not only will Toby bring his toys back to you to play but he will try to
drop them in your lap, in your sink of dish water while you're doing
your chores or even in your cereal if your not paying attention. He
hasn't dunked any toys in the water dishes which several Bengals
choose to do. Toby is super sweet once he has warmed up to strangers
which happens quickly when he is one on one with guests. Toby will play
with Buddy boy and Benji but will need to be adopted by a family with
no other cats. Toby is a lover not a fighter and is extremely
intimidated by dominate cats. Handsome Toby was going to be a
breeder, however we have decided it would be best for Toby to be
someones playmate and spend his life entertaining his new family
instead of the ladies. Toby has been neutered and is current on