Young and Retired Bengals Available
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Here you will find our young, retired breeders as well as other Bengals that are looking for new homes.  
In the description it should list the current adoption fee, health history, behaviors, temperament, if the
Bengal is being sold under a contract or any information we have or are given by the previous owners.
All Bengals being offered under a "limited" contract will receive a $100 "playmate" reduction per adoption.
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"Crimson" F3 Bengal
Promised for Lisa
Crimson is looking for her perfect home! Crimson has warmed up to me very well,
and rather quickly. She fetches, purrs like crazy, follows me everywhere (almost
under my feet), sleeps on my lap and allows me to pick her up. She however does
not take to strangers, or other frequent visitors, she will run and hide.  

This gal will require someone who is willing to patiently work with her as I have.
I would prefer her to be placed with someone who has previous experience, a
moderately quiet home environment (no young children) dogs & possibly one or two
other feline companions depending on their temperament.
Crimson is in NO WAY aggressive toward any humans or animals unless provoked.
We'll be keeping close contact with the family that's approved for her adoption.