If you have not spoken with someone via telephone from Asian Grace Bengals you will not be asked to place
any holding fee, nor have the knowledge of how to, for any kitten or any rescue cat(s) on our website or
classified ads. We will also not refer you to another Bengal Cattery in Ohio or other states; you're contact
information will be provided for them to contact you!

Scammers' have been stealing cat and kitten photos from legitimate breeders’ websites & posting ads on
free online classified websites. They don’t have any of these cats in their possession as they're advertising;
they'll take your money with no intension of ever delivering your new Bengal cat or kitten.

Scammers' are generally located in another country, but several incidents are happening now in United
States. Due to this being an Internet crime you will have little if any recourse in prosecuting these thief's,
along with little hopes of ever getting your money back!

Scammers have also been “spoofing” breeders’ email. If you receive an email from
Asian Grace Bengals please check the return address at the top of your email to ensure
you are actually corresponding with us. This is the reason our conversations via email will be limited!

                           ~If you do receive a spam mail, just call the breeder…
Sending abusive messages back to scammers will only entice their behaviors! We've had our fair share of
replacing hard drives, lost countless digital images of family & our beloved pets.

                                   Please protect yourself from Internet scams.
Before you spend any money on your new cat or kitten, (especially if the breeder has no website) ‘Google’
the cattery, call & email the contact information on their individual websites to make sure they truly exist.

  Purchase your kitten from an established breeder that has been around for a while.
Any breeder that has invested a lot of money into quality breeding cats will also invest in a website & doesn't
rely on free online classifieds or newspaper advertising alone.  If you find an ad where the price of the kitten
or cat seems “too good to be true” then chances are IT IS!!! You can not sell yourself short about your
Bengals' health or temperament!

Bengal Breeders of quality show cats have photos of kittens’ valued very often over $1,000 but scammers
advertise these cats for price ranges of $250-$650. Know the difference of the  quality you're looking for by
shopping around. Generally there will be a hardship story the scammer wants you to believe which will help
validate the cheaper price.

Breeders' at times may have Bengals out of a standard/suggested price range, speak to them personally,
ask as many questions as you can think of, their TICA cattery #...and last but not least...get breeder
references if necessary!  A legitimate breeder can
properly answer basic questions about the breed they raise, parents of the breeding, and provide another
cattery or previous clients for validation, adoption process...etc.

Responsible breeders form bonds with the families of their previous kittens, many of them will take the time
to validate their experience to a potential new Bengal owner. Purchase your new Bengal from a breeder than
you can develop this new friendship bond with!

Do your own research on the cat breed you’re looking for so you can relate to the information you receive
for validation. Be very careful as lately these scammers are stealing information from breeder ads, websites,
and original information they’ve requested about purchasing a kitten.

Scammers usually use broken English, (which shows up in their emails as well) or will speak with foreign
accents. Trust your gut instinct!

Never, NEVER use ‘money gram,’ ‘money transfer’, western union’ type methods to place holding fee's or
payments on your new kitten without references from other breeders or previous pet owners. These
methods of payments are widely used by scammers worldwide.  
~ Safer payment options such as PayPal, certified checks are not without certain risks.~

Be wary of persons ‘shipping’ cats by ‘courier’ or ‘agent’ (particularly from abroad & definitely when in
combination with ‘western union’ type payments) It is up to YOU to save your emotions & your money! No
one else will do it for you, not the scammers & unfortunately not Western Union, MoneyGram, Coin star,
Money Bookers, Liberty Reserve or any other money transfer service or your local law enforcement.

Finally, if you do receive suspicious emails from a cattery or recognize their photos
elsewhere on the world wide web; please take the time to inform the breeder so they are aware this is
happening to them. Many of us are extremely grateful & often will provide a discount for your efforts!

Most breeders’ are very aware of these scams taking place, we find it absolutely heartbreaking for any of us
to see potential loving Bengal families being taken advantage of in such a way. Working together is our only
recourse in attempting to cease this devastating behavior & unjust family heartbreak.
Although this list is merely put together as a safety guide in order to help assist potential pet buyers
to a safe adoption of their newly sought after fur baby...it is still  "JUST A GUIDE"
Criminals are in constant turmoil inventing new deviant schemes to steal your hard earned money...

So PLEASE USE EXTREME CAUTION and stay current on topics concerning these behaviors!

These tips are being provided as a courtesy by Asian Grace Bengals, we can NOT be held responsible,
nor prevent, nor anticipate how devious these criminals can truly be! This guide is mere examples of
the horrible stories we have heard from reading on the internet, situations we have personally
attempted to correct & avoid for future un-expecting families!
Some examples have personally happened to us at Asian Grace Bengals & others has happened to
fellow Responsible Bengal Breeders around the globe...
                                                                Copyright © Asian Grace Bengals 2010-2019 all rights reserved.
No text or images from this site may be used without written permission from Asian Grace Bengals. All cats and kittens are the sole property of Asian Grace Bengals
and will be regarded as such. Asian Grace Bengals reserves the right of refusal to any party during the adoption process, on occurrence holding fee's shall be returned.
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Above are just a few examples we've recently found on the Internet.
We're providing these images so you can see for yourself how the wording is being changed slightly & how eye
catching these stolen photos can be! This silver Bengal kitten is very much real; similar images can be viewed by
clicking on our queen Audrey's personal page that was taken during a 2014 photo shoot of her & her litter mates.
These fake ads and images was found during a search in March 2017
"Avoiding Typical Pet Scams"