HCM negative on November 30, 2011
HCM negative on November 2, 2012
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HCM negative on November 2, 2012
N/N for
Erythrocyte Pyruvate KinaseDeficiency
Frigid was the Best Seal Spotted Lynx Bengal of the year in the
South Central Region 2013 show season!
Frigid is one show final from being a Double Grand Champion which we hope
to achieve in 2016. His personality is as tranquil as his ocean blue eyes.
Frigid is a very large, muscular boy and we are so excited to see what he
will produce with our girls here at Asian Grace :)

Thank you Mary Lou of Pettypoo Bengals for raising such a magnificent boy!
Asian Grace Theadore Rosettapelt
Asian Grace Theadore Rosettapelt
Brown Rosetted Bengal
Much thanks to Allison @ Spotagious Bengals for this
handsome guy! Stanleo immediately captured our hearts with
his enormous "looking for trouble eyes" His heart shaped
rosette visibly reminds us he has the heart of a true Asian
Leopard and all their mischief!
Grand Champion Pettypoo Xtra Frigid of Asiangrace
Snow Lynx Rosetted Bengal
Pettypoo Xtra Frigit of Asian Grace (snow lynx bengal)
Theo is our first home grown keeper boy!
Everyone that meets Theo inquires about how they can
make him their own! Theo is such a camera hound, &
enjoys showing off for all our guests.

He is such a wonderful helper with socializing the new
babies & we're so excited to see the babies he'll
produce here at Asian Grace
HCM negative on November 2, 2012
N/K for
Erythrocyte Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency
Spotagious Heartsmyth of Asian Grace Bengals
"Our Kings"
Spotagious Heartsmyth of Asian Grace
Brown Rosetted Bengal
Click on the Kings pictures to see their personalized page :)