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No text or images from this site may be used without written permission from Asian Grace Bengals. All cats and kittens are the sole property of Asian Grace Bengals
and will be regarded as such. Asian Grace Bengals reserves the right of refusal to any party during the adoption process, on occurrence holding fee's shall be returned.

Kittens go through many stages as they develop, so we are continually re-evaluating them as they grow. Bengal kittens go through
a very fuzzy stage until their adult coat starts to come in around 4-6months. Adult coats are sleek with vibrant colors & amazing
contrast. We price our kittens according to how much they meet or excel the breed standard.

A non-refundable holding fee is required to hold the specific companion kitten of your choice or to secure your place on our
waiting list for our future litters.  When kittens are born at Asian Grace Bengals, photos will be displayed on our EG Babies &
Bengal Babies page but will be listed as "PENDING" until all pet holders have been given the opportunity to select their kitten of
choice. Holding fee's are transferable until kittens are 5 weeks of age to other litters or litter mates still available, but non-
refundable as this shows your serious intent and holds this kitten just for you. The holding fee will be applied towards the balance
remaining when it's time for you to bring your baby home.

We can generally tell by 6 weeks of age what to expect from a kitten and we’ll price them accordingly. Occasionally  they do
surprise us, by getting better than we expected, or just not quite as nice as we'd hoped.  So we do reserve the right to re-assess
them as they develop and price all Asian Grace kittens accordingly.  However, once a holding fee has been placed on a kitten, the
price is locked in and will not increase.  If we find that kitten is not living up to our expectations, we will reduce the price as well.  
All cats and kittens are spayed or neutered prior to leaving for their new homes.   

Kittens are ready to go home with their new families by the time they reach 12-14 weeks of age. This gives them time to be well
socialized and properly weaned. They do learn a lot from their mother and siblings. We prefer our kittens to be picked up in person,
this is the least stressful on your kitten and we insist on meeting the families are babies will be going to. Please be prepared to
show photo ID upon arrival at any meeting location agreed upon.

Depending on the travel distance & the weather, arrangements can be made to meet 1/2 way for reimbursement of fuel expense
and time. We do offer air shipping only after meeting face to face, which can be at the airport if needed. Carry on airline approved
carriers are required if the new families' intension is for their pet to fly with them.

The shipping price is generally $325-$375 within the continental USA, and this should includes the cost of the carrier, health
certificate, and any additional vaccines required for air travel. Any type of required shipping expense in NOT included in the price
of our kittens. If necessary we will assist you in arranging a non-stop flight to our nearest airport.

    Required Face to Face meetings effective November 18, 2013 compliance to the new  Animal Welfare Act.
                                                                                   NO EXCEPTIONS!

Asian Grace Bengals recommends contacting your local humane society to adopt a pet desperate for love. Bengals love attention,
and it's also a great choice when adding another playmate to your family.

If your heart is set on a Bengal companion & they are out of your price range, please check out the
"Great Lakes Bengal Rescue"  
as a wonderful alternative.  There is several kittens, young adults as well as senior cats that still have a lot of love to offer a family  
& searching for homes.

Asian Grace Bengals supports our local humane society. On occasions we foster Bengals with special needs until they find their
perfect home for a minimal adoption fee. Sometimes we  have kittens not listed on our website, If you are interested in adopting a
"special needs" or "Teenage Bengal" please let us
know & will try to help the best we can :)

Asian Grace Bengals can not be held responsible for the aftercare/finances of any cat(s) that is not from our cattery when we assist
with re homing. If /when we put people in touch with another cattery or individual...this is not a personal recommendation -
although we can give you personal advice based on our experiences-Ultimately you MUST make your own assessment of each
individual cat(s) and the special needs they could require.
"Our terms for kittens and what they mean"

AVAILABLE ~ This kitten is looking for their forever home

PENDING ~ There has been a verbal agreement and a holding fee is promised
(Feel free to inquire as sometimes things doesn't work out)

PROMISED ~ This kitten has been spoken for and found their forever home!

UNDER EVALUATION ~ We are evaluating the kittens potential as a breeder
(inquiries are still welcome)

KEEPER ~ We have decided to add this beautiful kitten into our program

We welcome visitors to see available kittens once they have are weaned & have their 1st vaccination.
Please be prepared to show photo id upon arrival.

If you have not spoken with someone via telephone from Asian Grace Bengals you will not be asked
to place a holding fee, nor know how to for any kitten on our website, rescues or classified ads.

Just a friendly reminder...We are unable to hold kittens for clients without a holding
fee being accepted.
This is nothing personal but in the best interests of our kittens finding loving homes.

Buyers for your own protection please take a moment and click link below to read
"Avoiding Typical Pet Scams"
"Our Average Kitten Pricing"

SBT Rosetted Bengal kittens F4 & beyond:  $850-$2,000   ($350-1/2 holding fee)
Early Generation Rosetted Kittens F2-F4: $1850-$3,500  ($500-1/2 holding fee)

These prices represents companion Bengals & are simply a guideline.
Occasionally there will be Bengals priced above pricing range such as "Top Show Quality" Bengals,
or below range as "Marble Kittens range from $550-$1,200.
We will consider the placement of Breeder Kittens into "Approved" TICA registered cattery's ONLY!
Pricing available upon request.  
"Adoption Information"
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