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HCM negative on February 24, 2012
HCM negative on November 2, 2012
Jophie is such a comedian!
I love this little girls profile and type.
Jophie is a wonderful addition to our program.
Thank you Christina for this amazing girl!
Asian Grace Indigo Spark, Blue Rosetted Bengal
Dazzleme Serenity Inspired of Asian Grace, Silver Bengal
Witchinghour Raediant Jophiel of Asian Grace, Brown Rosetted Bengal
Hope, F1 Brown Rosetted Bengal
Texas Star Elegant Embrace, F1 Silver Bengal
Sylvia is quite the talker, and loves to play fetch for hours upon
hours! Sylvia is such a solid built girl, the largest female queen
other than our early generation girls. She will contribute wonders
for our program. She has great type & a wonderful personality we
strive to maintain here at Asian Grace :)

Thank you Kara @ Dazzleme Bengals for this magnificent gem!
Zola was an "oh we must keep girl" from the moment we saw her.
Zola has a highly glittered pelt that feels like touching silk! Her
favorite game is to jump from the floor to your arms for a free ride
where ever you might be going.

Zola is an absolutely amazing girl and the most remarkable mother
we could have ever dreamed of. Her babies always inherit her super
sweet personality!  
Witchinghour Raediant Jophiel of Asian Grace
Brown Rosetted Bengal
Serenity Inspired of Asian Grace
Silver Rosetted Bengal
Asian Grace Indigo Spark
Blue Rosetted Bengal
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Trudy is a home grown cutie patootie! Trud has always been full of surprises
starting with her birth on Christmas Eve. Her jolly personality has captivated
everyone that has met her, it's love at first sight! Her carefree style, ornery
endeavors, and laid back disposition adds the perfect temperaments we strive
to pass down to our kittens here at Asian Grace!   
Asian Grace Xtra Lilfire Kindled Tru
      Brown Rosetted Bengal
Tecspot Deja'Brew Expresso of Asian Grace
           Brown Rosetted Bengal
"Java" has a personality all of her own, she is a super sweetheart!
She gets along with all of our queens, never quarrels and has a
tendency to want to raise all of the kittens in the cattery if we would
let her! She loves to give head butts, snuggle under blankets & enjoys
being spoiled rotten!

We are head over heels excited that Java is a carrier for blue & can't
wait to see what she'll produce for Asian Grace in the future!!!
Thanks bunches Teresa @ Tecspot for this beautiful bundle!
   Java's personal page will be coming soon!
Asian Grace Charades Until Dark
     Silver Rosetted Bengal
Audrey is a home grown girl from our queen
Jophie. Audrey was born with eye popping dark
rosettes at birth! We knew we just must keep her
to see what she can contribute to our silver line.
She has produced two offspring that was
absolutely gorgeous!

Audrey has a wonderful personality, a great
mother to her babies. She can be rather vocal
along with persistent to get what her heart
desires! There isn't a wand that be hidden in the
house this lil lady can not find, she must be part
coon dog!